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The Raphael Centre

The St John of God Raphael Centre, Geelong

The St John of God Raphael Centre offers a support and information service for parents affected by anxiety or depression during pregnancy and in the two years following childbirth. 

We assist families in their journey through parenthood where they experience joy, love and a sense of achievement. We acknowledge for one in every seven women (and their families) this journey may be side-tracked by negative moods, exhaustion, loss of confidence and depression. 

Our specialised staff help identify the situation and provide information and strategies to assist women in finding treatment options to support them and their families.

This community based service is available to all Geelong families and specialist staff provide a family centred service that aims to:

  • Enhance the social and emotional well-being of families during these years
  • Support parents in their relationships with each other and their families
  • Increase parenting satisfaction and coping skills

Services include:

  • Telephone support and information
  • Postnatal anxiety and depression therapeutic group
  • Antenatal and postnatal support group
  • Individual assessment
  • Individual therapy

The Raphael Centre Geelong is one of St John of God Health Care’s Social Outreach and Advocacy programs. 

Street address

St John of God Raphael Centre Geelong
11 Fenwick Street
Geelong VIC 3220

Tel: 03 5221 7333
Fax: 03 5221 9766

Raphael Centre - St John of God
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