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No Excuses Bootcamp

NO EXCUSES 5 WEEK BOOTCAMP programs are designed by Kate Barsby & Flick Ryan, both fully qualified fitness professional with years of industry experience and the desire and ability to challenge you and help you achieve your goals.

During the 5 weeks your body and mind will be challenged with a variety of training sessions including traditional Boot Camp methods, boxing, kettle bells, cross fit style training and the list goes on....!
The physical benefits of this type of training include increased fitness levels reduced body fat and increased muscle tone.
The training is going to be highly intense but at the same time you will be able to work to your individual fitness level.

Am I fit enough for this???
You are not expected to be fit at the commencement of Boot Camp. It is your trainers mission to make sure your fitness levels have improved by the end!!
What do I need to bring to my session???
You need to wear comfy training gear suited to the weather and bring a drink and a towel.
What if it rains???
We will train in the rain. If it is deemed unsafe you will be advised of a change of venue via text.
If I'm fit already will I be challenged??
Yes! This is designed for all fitness levels and your fitness assessment will indicate just how far you can be pushed!!
What if I miss a class??
There are NO make-up classes. You need to commit to this 100% to get results!
Is there lots of running???
There is definitely running involved but it will be varied to challenge each individual.

Felicity “Flick” Ryan: Flick is born and bred resident of Ocean Grove for 25 years. She studied at the Victorian Fitness Academy to complete her Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness and Diploma in Fitness & has also completed her THUMP boxing instructor course L1 & Advanced. Flick began her own business “FlickPT” at age 21 and has now been in the industry for almost 4 years. She is extremely passionate about her job, not only focussing on bootcamps but small group/partner training, boxing classes & personal training.  As a young well-known and respected resident amongst Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads, Flick’s aim is to give back to the community by keeping local fit & healthy.
Kate “KB” Barsby: Kate has lived in Barwon Heads for over 13 years and has 3 young children. She has over 16 years in experience in the fitness industry. Kate has worked in gyms in Bendigo and Geelong & currently focuses on bootcamps, outdoor training, specially small groups & for mums. Kate holds her Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness and Diploma in Fitness, along with L1 & 2 Australian Institute of Kettlebells. Kate’s training is safe & progressive & caters for all fitness levels, she is looked up to my many of the local mums.
Both Kate & Flick hold L2 First Aid & CPR and are registered insured fitness professionals to ensure up to date knowledge and training of the highest standard. Kate & Flick also like to be role-models for their clients, competing in such annual events like Tough Mudder & Run Geelong etc.


Flick 0401296696
Kate 0403875912

Kates Classes:
Mums class; 45min functional sessions designed to get the heart rate up working all major muscle groups for all fitness levels including body weight, functional weights & boxing.
9.15am every Wednesday & Friday at Village Park oval Barwon Heads (parents are responsible for their own children at all times).

To find out about more about Flick's other classes follow on FlickPT on Facebook or visit FlickPT webpage.

No Excuses Bootcamp
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