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Feed Geelong

The Feed Geelong Campaign raises money to help charities collect, store and distribute food to men, women and children who are doing it tough.

“In partnership with Victorian food rescue welfare organisation FareShare, The Geelong Advertiser commenced Feed Geelong to start filling the void between quality, edible food going to waste and people going hunger in Geelong.

Through rescuing food that might otherwise end up as waste in landfill, Feed Geelong provides Geelong’s local charities with nutritious food so they can help people facing hunger and malnutrition in the city.

Feed Geelong also enhances the means by which charities can safely store and distribute that rescued food – by providing equipment like fridges, freezers, cool rooms and refrigerated vehicles.

Feed Geelong follows the model of the successful Feed Melbourne campaign, accumulating corporate and private donations and directing those funds to where they are needed most.

Every dollar raised in Geelong will go to Geelong community food programs.”

Feed Geelong
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