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Dinosaur Sensory Garden

Dinosaur Sensory Garden

Create your own Dinosaur Sensory Garden

Create your own potted dinosaur sensory garden.

You will need: A good dose of imagination!

  • An old pot - one with a large surface area is great but any size will work.
  • Potting mix
  • A selection of dinosaur era looking plants such as palms, ferns, curry plant, even geraniums can look like trees with large leaves.
  • Pine cones, stones or other items to add more sensory experience and character.
  • Dinosaurs.

Top Tips: Ensure plants are robust enough to withstand the odd dinosaur dance.

Use some mulch, we don't really want the kids playing in the potting mix and it also creates another sensory feel.

How to: To decrease the cost of this project fill the pot to one third full with polystyrene. Place a piece of weed matting, shade cloth or layers of newspaper over the polystyrene to stop the potting mix settling into the gaps between the polystyrene pieces.

  • Fill the pot with potting mix.
  • Place plants to create a lush dinosaur playground, leaving an open area for some dino stomping.
  • Water in your plants.
  • Mulch.
  • Add pine cones, stones or any other items that your dino needs.
  • Place dinosaurs around the pot and fire up your imagination and play.

Sensory Garden: Kids in the Garden

Dinosaur Sensory Garden
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