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Cottage by the Sea

Cottage by the Sea believes that every child deserves a happy and healthy life.

Empowering children by supporting them in developing their mind, body and wellbeing.

Cottage by the Sea is a community charity fundraising service caring for Australian children and families in need. We are one of the oldest Australian charities operating since 1890 and provide short term relief care in a seaside holiday environment to children and families in need.

Independent children’s charities, like ours, rely heavily on community support and charity donations to provide a service to approximately 900 children every year. There is no other organisation of its kind that provides all year round relief care in Victoria. Supporting Australian charities, through donations, is incredibly important to seeing services like this continue.

Cottage by the Sea offers short term care (camps) for primary school children.

The camps vary from a three to five day stay and are held throughout the year, not just in the school holidays.

Often our camps are the only holiday some children ever have.

Address: 29 Flinders St, Queenscliff, Australia 3224

Cottage by the Sea
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