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Citrus Marmalade

Citrus Marmalade

I am not a professional chef or preserver, just a person who has made enough batches of not quite perfect jams and marmalades to know how to try to get it right.

This recipe is good for any Citrus fruit:

Grapefruit 1.2x

Kumquats 1x

Lemons 1x5

Seville Oranges 1x

Lemon with ginger 1.5x the numbers are explained below



Citrus Fruit


Lemon Juice, fresh



Chopping board

Colander x 2


Big wooden spoon

Bowl x 2

Jam funnel


Tea Towels

1 thick bottomed sauce pan. There are special jam ones that are less cylindrical in shape and more conical, these are better. I, however, have always used the cylindrical ones.


1: Get your jars ready. As you use glass jars with metal lids, clean them and store them, with the lids off. I put the lids in a little box near by, so they don’t get lost. I do this all year and still run out of jars. If my dishwasher sees another jar with a sticky label it might stop working!!

2: Weigh your fruit, whole, with the top cut off, where the stalk comes out. Don’t cut much of the fruit off, just enough to cut the stalk and button off.

3: Write the weight of the fresh fruit down. Then make sure you have enough sugar. See above for the quantities, that is what the number are for!!!. I will use lemons as an example. If you have 2kg of lemons then you will need 3kg of sugar, and the juice of 4 lemons. The lemon juice helps the jam set, you can use extra pectin or jam setta here.

4: Ok, so now, boil the fruit whole. YES, whole, until it is very tender and you can squash it between your fingers. This can take 30 mins to 90 mins depending on the thickness of the skins and which fruit you are using.

5: Let is cool, you can leave it in the pan over night, or strain and leave in the colander over night or till cool. Discard juices. If you want to be very frugal, strain juices off, add sugar and turn into lemonade!!

6: Get all your fruit and squash the pulp and seeds out, see photo. Put all the fruit skins into a bowl. Leave pulp and seeds in another colander. Push the pulp through the colander into the sauce pan with the sugar.

7: Keep squashing and separating until all the fruit is done. Now cut the skins as thinly or thickly as you like

8: Put sugar, lemon juice, skins and strained pulp into the saucepan. Don’t do more that the above stated quantity at any one time. It may burn! Mine did last night….

9-At this point, put the jars, tops towards the oven door, into the oven. I put the jars this way, as it helps when getting them out of the over while hot!! The number of jars you use depends on how much jam you are making and the size of the jars. As a rule I always put more jars in the oven than I think I will need. Put the metal lids in the oven, too. Put a small plate in the freezer. Also put the jam funnel, see below, if you have one, into the oven.

10: Cook the jam on a low heat, until the sugar has dissolved, then up the heat. If it is a strong but small burner, put a heat spreader under the pot, to reduce the chance of burning.

11: Boil the jam until it is set. To know when this is, get the cold plate out of the freezer and put a few drops of jam on. If it sets quickly, then the jam is done. If it is runny then keep boiling.

12: This is how I do this step, but everyone is different. I put a tea towel on the counter near the cooker. I get 4 jars out at a time, and fill, using the jam funnel. While still very hot I put the hot lids on and then move to another tea towel a few meters away. I leave the jars there to cool and listen to the pop! That is when you know they are sealed and will last a very very long time..

Right, so everyone, that is my experience of citrus marmalade making. I have also made chutneys using citrus. The steps are nearly the same until # 7. Once the skins are cooked then I fry onions and spices and add the skins. This is the best way for Kumquats, as they are fiddly little things to cut into quarters and de-seed.

Mayan Rowling, September 2012

Citrus Marmalade
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