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Chick Nuts

Chick Nuts

Chick Nuts Recipe

I have been buying Chick Nuts from the supermarket’s health food section for a while now.  They’re great in school lunch boxes.  But a bit expensive.  I knew I could make them myself,  but who knew it could be so easy???  I first tried with canned chick peas, but really they didn’t get dry enough and so I gave up.  Until I was directed to this Wiki recipe.  I even prefer these home made ones to the bought ones…  which in my childhood was the biggest compliment you could give something (tongue-in-cheek) “It’s better than a bought one!”  A couple of notes:  these are NOT NUTS,  so don’t let your grade 2 teacher tell you that you can’t bring them to school… and they have nothing to do with trans-gender equipment…..  just sayin’!!

>Edited to add:  I am told that Masterfood Garlic Salt has 320 in the Vegetable Oil,  but apparently the Woolworths Select (Australia) brand is okay.  This tells me that I need to find a good link to a Failsafe shopping list to include.


  • DRIED chick peas
  • Canola oil
  • Garlic salt


  • Soak chick peas in plenty of water over night.   Let’s say, at least 10 hours.
  • Drain, pat dry with a tea toweland then spread evenly onto oven tray
  • Cook in moderate (180degC) oven for about 45 minutes
  • They will have shrunk again to close to original size
  • While they’re still hot, toss them in a little oil and garlic salt (to taste)  (I started without the oil, but the salt wasn’t sticking.  I only used about 1/2 tab.)
  • Leave out to cool and dry
  • Store in airtight container


Yum! These are great. I now have to go and have a chat with DD’s teacher to explain why these do actually make a GREAT Brain Food choice.


I used Garlic Salt because I had it in my pantry.  You might like to use some garlic-infused oil and sea-salt.  Whatever floats your boat.  If you’d like to make some NON-Failsafe ones,  then add whatever herbs/spices you would like.

Recipes supplied by Frillypants, please check out her blog!

Chick Nuts
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