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Breakfast Ideas For Dynamic Kids

Breakfast Ideas For Dynamic Kids

Breakfast Ideas For Dynamic Kids

A breakfast rich in protein gives sustained energy release so kids will avoid the mid morning blood sugar drop which causes vagueness, crankiness and food cravings. Here are some healthy, simple breakfast ideas to give your kids a great start to the day.

Eggs: Scrambled, poached, soft or hard-boiled. You’d be surprised how quickly you can whip up an eggy breakfast (hard boil eggs the night before or have a few containers of finely chopped veggies in the fridge to add to your scrambled eggs or omelettes). Eggs are packed with power, protein and good fats.

Nuts: So many schools are nut free, so nuts at breakfast time (providing everyone washes their hands and brushes their teeth before they head to school) means kids can benefit from the healthy brain building fats and body strengthening protein at the start of their day. Almond butter on apple slices, nuts and seeds on wholegrain cereal or porridge, or just a handful of raw nuts with their smoothie or juice.

Juices and smoothies: These can provide a bucket-load of nutrients. If you can use the whole fruit or vegetable in these drinks, kids will get the advantage of the natural fibre and absorb the nutrients better. You can also put in probiotic powder and flaxseed oil for added benefit.

Cereals: If the kids love to start the day with cereal, go for nutrient packed ingredients like puffed quinoa, millet or amaranth (most are available at the supermarket in the health food aisle). Quinoa, spelt or barley flakes are great for porridge. With a good quality milk and or yoghurt, some fruit, nuts and seeds you have a power packed brekkie.

For weekends or holidays when you have some extra time to prepare breakfast, check out my favourite pancake recipe.

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