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Apple and Lentil Much Crunch

Apple and Lentil Much Crunch

Apple and Lentil Much Crunch Recipe

I originally made it just for me but now I have to share…

  • 1 green or red apple cubed
  • 1 cup of sprouted green lentils.
  • 1 table spoon of honey
  • sprinkling of cinnamon

Mix in a bowl and chow down.

There is a slight bitterness to the lentil that is counteracted with the honey and cinnamon. This is sometimes eaten for breaky as well..


Sprouts I reckon are like the perfect food.. they are LIVE, and packed with vitamins, enzymes and minerals.  When you sprout nuts, seed, grains and legumes they become more alkaline which is fantastic for reducing the high acid that we are are experiencing in the standard American diet. I will be posting about soaking and sprouting in the next week.

How I sprout for this dish.

  • Rinse dried green lentils in water.
  • Place in a bowl or jar and soak over night.
  • Rinse 2 or three times with a sieve.
  • Place sieve over a bowl to drain and store on bench top in a warmish spot.
  • rinse on day two and place back over bowl
  • Day 3-4 rinse again- sprouts should be length as seen in the photo. Rinse and use.

Check out the nutritional data for just 100 grams or raw sprouted lentils here

Happy crunching and munching…

Please check out Lanas website for more great recipes.

Apple & Lentil Munch Crunch
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