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The Happy Parent Project

The Happy Parent Project is a health coaching practice where the founder, Nicole Beardsley helps one Mama at a time to start living the life they’ve always dreamed of living!

Through discovering new ways of eating, healing and thinking Nicole supports parents to make simple changes to their life that have a huge impact on their family life. These might be small changes like reducing sugar, increasing wholefoods, taking steps to follow a dream career, making peace within a conflicting relationship or prioritizing self care.

Nicole says that health coaching is like having a personal trainer for your goals – someone to hold you accountable, make recommendations and give you a big high 5 when you wake up one day and realize that the hard work has paid off and you’re now living your dream life!

Nicole is the author of her newly released e-book ‘Sugar Free Baking for busy families’. She also runs fun and relaxing baking workshops where Mama’s get together and learn the tips and tricks  to get their family to eat healthy Sugar/Wheat/Dairy and Gluten free meals that taste amazing (over a glass of Organic wine of course!)


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Instagram: Thehappyparentproject

The Happy Parent
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