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Inspiring Possibilities: MOBILE Occupational and speech therapy

Inspiring Possibilities: MOBILE Occupational and speech therapy

1300 845 863
We are passionate about the development of young people.

Who are we?
Inspiring Possibilities was founded in 2011.
We are passionate about the development of young people, and all have the strong belief that children and parents with speech and developmental concerns deserve better access to treatment and support.
We strive to achieve this belief every day.
That’s the Inspiring Possibilities way!

We come to you!
We offer a mobile service; available in most parts of Melbourne, in homes, schools and kindergartens.
We currently service the Eastern, Western and inner suburbs of Melbourne, as well as Geelong and surrounds.
Empowering parents creates the best outcomes for children.
We offer a holistic approach to your child’s development.
We focus on educating and supporting parents and teaching staff to incorporate strategies into your child’s natural daily schedule.
We use play, games and fun to stimulate and bond with your child.
We’ve found that creating an environment that is warm and light is the best way to engage with children, and we’ll teach you some fun strategies too.
We’ll work closely with your family to ensure our program is tailored for your unique personalities and challenges.
Our occupational therapists and speech pathologists are highly trained specialists.
It’s our role, as therapists, to make sure that your child receives every possible opportunity to grow, develop and express themselves clearly!

Our way of doing things is more than therapy! Our way is the Inspiring Possibilities way
Our number one priority is to bring out the best in your child’s development and leaning;
Coaching and mentoring you through the process is our second goal.
You are the caregiver, supporter, advocate and parent in the relationship, and we have some great strategies for you;
We know a lot about the “system”. It can be overwhelming trying to sort through the government packages available,
what therapy approaches are right for you, and how much it is all going to cost. We have our heads wrapped around all of that information, and will do everything we can to simplify it for you.
If your child is experiencing difficulties in any of the following developmental areas, please give us a call to discuss whether our services suit your family’s needs;
·         Sensory processing
·         Self regulation
·         Fine, gross and visual motor skills
·         Motor planning and coordination
·         Social skills
·         Hand writing
·         Hand skills
·         Muscle strength and tone
·         Organisation
·         Self care
·         Visual perceptual skills
·         Learning
·         School readiness skills
·         Attention and concentration
Getting Started
The best place to start is usually with an initial assessment.
A professional therapist will come and assess the needs of you and your family, and suggest the best way forward.
We are eligible to provide services under the 'Helping Children with Autism' funding package.
The early intervention funding, under the Helping Children with Autism package, is aimed at providing increased access to quality early intervention for children aged zero to six with an ASD.

Inspiring Possibilities
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