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How To Photograph Your Children

Hi, my name is Anna, and I am a photographer. Stacey, the creator of bK, asked me if I'd like to answer the question 'how to photograph your children', and thought that since I'm still learning; I'd be happy to share what I've learned so far…


Natural light: You just can't beat it. If you're indoors, stay close to the windows!

Get down with it: Take the photos on their level. Sit down, kneel, lay on your tummy - whatever works for you, get down! The angle will be more flattering than if you point your camera down whilst standing over them.

Get close: Might be hard, so use your zoom! Make sure you get photos of the babys wrinkly neck, the dimples, the tiny toes and fingers, the older ones with a lollipop in their mouth, when reading a story cuddled up next to dad… Endless. I could just sneak around and do it all day, when they don't know…

Props: Works a treat. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Holding something often makes any person more relaxed, a favourite book, teddy, train or dolly - or a lolly. With a promise to eat it once the shoot is over…

Laughter: I rather not have a smile at all than a fake one. But you can almost always get a smile out, even if it means you'll have to make an absolute fool of yourself; I've found myself making seriously stupid faces, danced [and I do not dance!], fake farts, random weird noises - you name it, you can make them look at you and smile if you want.

Get the every day photos: Eating breakfast [read spread porridge all over face and clothes], brushing teeth, playing in the park, falling asleep on the couch, again - endless. Just get your kids, just as you see them everyday, because one day pretty soon they won't [sniff, sniff] have porridge all over their face.

And if all else fails - book me in… :)

Thanks for reading, please have a look at my website and follow me on Facebook where you'll be able to see my latest work. And since we're talking about kids and photography; this is a photo of me, taken by Ruby who is 12. Pretty impressive, hey? [thanks Ruby x]


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