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The Best Way to Lose Weight

How to lose weight with C-Change Nutrition

Many factors contribute to weight gain, yo-yoing and sometimes obesity, but one indisputable fact remains…. Energy intake must exceed energy expenditure for weight gain to occur. Some small changes can be made initially if you want a supported weight reduction program, like replacing some fat in the diet with starchy, low GI, fibre-rich foods. Eating too few calories in order to lose weight can be damaging to your health, as well as feeling revolting, tired and hungry. Eating very little will also result in your metabolic rate slowing down, which can lead to weight gain and back to yo-yoing. Stay away from fad diets and the latest celebrity crazes and lose weight the sensible way. You won’t be tired, hungry, and cranky or drop 10kg in a week. But you will lose weight, feel great, have bundles of energy and look awesome.


Try C-Change Nutrition’s Kick-Start Package:

A 6-week package is a great way to get a kick-start into a healthy and balanced 2012. Includes 6 consultations, including a health assessment, dietary and exercise guidelines, menu planning and recipe modification. This comprehensive you with ALL the tools, resources, motivation and accountability you need for successful permanent change.


Megan Allender

M.Sc. Nutrition B.Ed. Physical Education


C-Change Training Studio, Golf Links Road, Barwon Heads

T. 0413019110   E.

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